Richard Blanchard ~ Lake Conway and the "Camp"
Lake Conway and the Camp
The First Boat
Enjoying the beach
The "Camp" ~
Dick worked in a bank during World War II. When the war bonds he bought matured 10 years later, he bought an old rickety cabin on Lake Conway. It became the gathering place and true home for the family when they moved around the state.
The First Boat ~
Richard and Anne bought a small boat which they enjoyed on Lake Conway. For the next 44 years they always owned a boat, becoming proficient water skiers, as did their children.
Enjoying The Beach ~
Dick had lovely white sand dredged in from the lake bottom to make a beautiful beach for relaxation and building sand castles by the children.
Barbecues Were The Order Of The Day
Enjoying Florida Sun
Every Day Was A Day For Swimming
Barbecues Were The Order Of The Day ~
Many friends and family members and also various groups from our churches came to the "Camp." Dick fed them all by his excellent barbecuing.
Enjoying The Florida Sun ~
Richard's little family gathered on the beach. All three learned to swim before reaching their fifth birthday.
Every Day Was A Day For Swimming ~
Lake Conway's clear waters were a consistent invitation to swim. Dick and Emily helped Rick, the quadriplegic, keep his head above water.
Riding In The Boat Was Great Fun
"I sure think about ya'll a lot - especially when I hear 'Fill My Cup, Lord.' Thanks for all the good memories of when we were children and skiing on Lake Conway."
Love, Mary F.
Picnics On The Lawn
Riding In The Boat Was Great Fun ~
Our later boat, an Orlando Clipper, made in Orlando years ago, was fun both to ride and to drive. Dick is driving Carol Ann in this picture. Dick and Anne invited many groups of various churches to spend time at the lake, and many of them learned to water ski.
  Picnics On The Lawn ~
When there were visitors, everyone ate outdoors overlooking the lake. In the background is the house that replaced the old "Camp" and eventually became our retirement home.
Retirement On Lake Conway
  Retirement On Lake Conway ~
How grand for Dick and Anne to have their own beach house!
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