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  Richard Blanchard's song "Fill My Cup, Lord" was published in 1964 and was an immediate hit, becoming the number one gospel song in America for about 20 years, after the heyday of "How Great Thou Art."
A friend says that his music combines the chords and harmonies of the Big Band era with the Christian message of Southern Gospel Music.
For Dick, as he liked to be called by his friends, writing music was the primary way he communed with God. "Quite often I will play around with a song idea in my mind. All of a sudden it will gel. A few of my songs have been given to me by the Lord. It took only six minutes to think up the words of 'Fill my Cup, Lord.' I was finished with the music in another 20 minutes. There have been a few moments in my life when things have come from God. There is no other way to explain them," he was quoted in the Miami Herald.
Richard Blanchard playing music at the piano Photographs of Richard Blanchard's family, ministry, music and life
"Music is a very important, vital part of my life. It is where I really find rest and spiritual relaxation ..."
Richard Blanchard
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